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  • Accelerate root, flower & foliage growth with Koy Logic
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  • The Koy-Logic Premium is hands down our most innovative & bestselling potting mix, crafted with sustainability in mind.
  • Green Fingers puts over 30 years of experience into every mix.


Koy-Logic is Green Fingers' bestselling, sustainable and innovative potting mix.

The superior quality coir chip/bark/zeolite potting mix has improved drainage, air filled porosity and water holding ability. Accelerated root growth, flower and foliage growth is just one benefit of this mix. It has high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and is non-leaching of nutrients.

Koy-Logic has added microbial stimulants, premixed nutrient supplements (NPK) and trace elements. With the addition of zeolite, this environmentally friendly mix reduces water and fertiliser costs by up to 35%.

Produce a market ready plant quicker with Koy-Logic

The most important fact about Koy-Logic is that it will produce a market ready plant quicker and healthier for growers. Customers will be commenting on how good your stock looks and how the stock continues to perform due to the longevity of Koy-Logic.

Click below to read more about Koy-Logic Premium Potting Mix and to download our fact sheet and MSDS.

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