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  • Accelerate root, flower & foliage growth with... Koy Logic Premium
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  • The Koy-Logic Premium is hands down our most innovative & bestselling potting mix, crafted with sustainability in mind.
  • Koy-Logic Premium helps retain nutrients & water for accelerated plant growth.
  • Green Fingers puts over 30 years of experience into every mix.

Koy-Logic Premium Potting Mix

#Koy-Logic Premium is a premium quality open mix, made from coir chip, composted bark, zeolite and sand. With high air filled porosity and good drainage, which is important to stimulate root growth and prevent root diseases. Koy Logic Premium prevents rapid leaching of nutrients away from the root zones of plants by attracting and holding the nutrients – thus preventing nutrients from washing through the container.

In the past, growers would typically apply higher rates of fertilisers to overcome these losses due to leaching. This practice is both expensive and inefficient, not to mention damaging the environment with excessive high nutrient runoff. To help our environment's sustainability, this practice is now unacceptable.

A key ingredient, Zeolite, carries a negative ionic charge which naturally attracted positive charged cations like ammonium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The open crystalline structure of Zeolite has many storage sites for these ions, which hold naturally through a loose chemical bond, allowing these fertiliser ions to be available for uptake by plants. Zeolite has a very high cation exchange capacity and thus increases the mix's ability to hold and release nutrients. As cations are water soluble, they escape from mixes by leaching.

A fertiliser 'battery', retaining nutrients & water for accelerated plant growth.

Koy-Logic Premium works as a fertiliser 'battery'; charging when free nutrients are available, holding them from leaching and releasing them to the plant as required. Koy Logic Premium buffers the dumping of nutrients by slow-release fertilisers under hot conditions by storing them for use by the plant instead of increasing dam E.C. levels to extremes.

Koy-Logic Premium will soak up excess ammonium and other cations in mixes often released under hot conditions, preventing root burning. Koy-Logic's use with fertiliser can help buffer pH levels, thus reducing the need for lime applications.

Koy-Logic has superior capillary distribution action of water due to the addition of coir chip and zeolite and has highly porous properties, assisting infiltration, holding water higher within the pot or bag and distributing water and nutrients more evenly through the mix. This is essential especially for strong root growth under drip irrigation. As fertiliser and material costs will continue to escalate over the coming years, NOW is the time to minimise the effect of these rises with Koy-Logic.

Koy-Logic's ability to accelerate plant growth and reduce the loss of nutrients and water into the environment through excessive leaching, means more dollars in your pocket.

Koy-Logic's beneficial microbial stimulants also revive and recharge the mix to optimum growing conditions.


Material Comparison C.E.C

Soil Amendment

Cation Exchange Capacity

  By Weight (meq/per 100g) By Volume (meq/litre) 
 Sands  <5  <50
 Clay Soils  10 - 30  100 - 300
Bark/Sawdust   10 - 20  50 - 100
 Organic Manures  20 - 40 100 - 200 
 Peat  100-  150  200 - 300
Zeolite   120  1920


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